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Suspended ceilings create the right atmosphere for the workplace. The range of ceilings and ceiling tiles available in today's market meet the demands for all areas of work, improve lighting, create better acoustic properties, thermal insulation and fire rating. Plasterboard ceilings can be designed to you own specific requirements either flat, curved or rafted.

Mineral Fibre Ceilings

mineral-fibre-tile-gary-james-partners-essex Mineral fibre ceiling tiles are generally installed into an exposed T-Grid system. Economic, ease of installation and access to ceiling void for maintenance purposes.
Metal Ceilings

A wide variety of systems and modular sizes available. Metal ceiling tiles can be installed into T-Grid as mineral fibre systems but also bespoke varying module ceiling panel sizes with concealed suspension systems.

Plasterboard Ceilings

flat-plasterboard-ceiling-gary-james-essex Ceilings generally installed flat with either a jointed or skim coat finish and decorated to any colour.
Perimeter Bulkheads/Margins

Perimeter bulkheads and margins can be installed where a full tile layout is required at junctions of change in level of ceilings and junctions of external windows to form blind boxes or recessed curtain tracks.

Curved Ceilings

curved-ceiling-gary-james-partners-essex Curved ceilings are installed using plasterboard and GRG board and left with a flat surface for decorated finish.
Rafted Ceilings

Rafted ceilings can be installed to create a feature in Board Rooms, Executive Offices and Reception areas.

All materials are sourced from leading Manufacturers.